Security services for events, conferences, fashion shows, vernissages.

EuroSolutions offers exclusive concierge services, during the day and at night; it is ideal for individuals or companies who need reception services and access control.

We can count on a wide range of carefully selected employees trained in accordance to our corporate requirements, who are able to meet the demands of every Client. The staff is prepared to work with a team and individually, it speaks multiple languages, it is certified in first aid and fire protection, it has IT competences, including the use of related software.

The concierge service aims at controlling the flow of visitors through biometric or digital screening.
Our staff, always at its post, performs many tasks: it records the visitors’ personal information, the plates of the vehicles with access to restricted areas, and the deliveries; it communicates with the technology suppliers and takes care of the remote management of any electronic or digital device.  

In corporate settings, our staff integrates itself perfectly with the Client’s internal personnel, taking action in response to any anomaly or emergency with the utmost efficiency.

Areas and Competences:

 Concierge service and corporate access, fixed and moving reception desks

 Security of buildings, Museums, Parks, Theatres, Historical residences, Hotels and Private Houses

 On-site or remote management of alarm systems

 Non-armed day and night surveillance

 Armed surveillance and other Surveillance activities, in partnership with ATI

 Management of security procedures for Corporate buildings and facilities

EuroSolutions security services
EuroSolutions security services

EuroSolutions is synonymous with Milan-based security, combined with confidentiality, friendliness, and professionalism. The main services include: security services for individuals and companies, security services for events, exhibitions, conferences, demonstrations, concerts, sporting events, corporate meetings, private parties, concierge services, armed and non-armed surveillance with Partners, access control, bodyguarding, VIP protection, hostess and steward services, promoter services, luxury car rental with or without driver in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bari, Cagliari and in other Italian and international locations.

EuroSolutions is registered at the White List of the Italian government, the record of suppliers, service providers, and trade persons not subjected to risk of Mafia infiltration.


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Giacomo Brambilla di Civesio
Cert. N° PRS143
Security Expert - I livello
UNI 10459:2017 - D.M. 269/2010