GDO fiduciary services and assistance for anti-Covid 19 protocols.

EuroSolutions is engaged daily with Courtesy Services and Fiduciary Services for Clients who are Leaders of GDO (Large Retailers).

EuroSolutions’ staff completes independently several tasks, including:

 Monitoring of incoming and outgoing vehicles in parking lots

 Customer reception

 Access control

 Supervision of spaces and displayed products

EuroSolutions’ staff manages customer and cashier service pragmatically, and it adapts to each store.

In times of crisis, such as 2020 with the new hygienic rules related to COVID 19, EuroSolutions’ staff guarantees the respect of the new corporate prevention protocols: it carries out daily temperature checks, counts and limits entrances, checks that the masks are worn correctly by customers and employees, and ensures that social distancing is respected and carries out the GREEN PASS check

EuroSolutions’ objective is to prevent any critical event in the areas of safety and security and to protect its Clients from any kind of reputational damage.

EuroSolutions collaborates closely and in a structured manner with all the personnel involved, constantly monitors all the stores, and effectively communicates with the management, so that it is able to identify and solve potential dangerous and threatening situations.

EuroSolutions is particularly skilled at operating within the large retailers’ (GDO) sector; throughout our partners, we can conduct investigations regarding deficits in the inventory, disloyalty of employees and suppliers, and provide armed surveillance if necessary.

EuroSolutions security services
EuroSolutions security services
EuroSolutions security services

EuroSolutions is synonymous with Milan-based security, combined with confidentiality, friendliness, and professionalism. The main services include: security services for individuals and companies, security services for events, exhibitions, conferences, demonstrations, concerts, sporting events, corporate meetings, private parties, concierge services, armed and non-armed surveillance with Partners, access control, bodyguarding, VIP protection, hostess and steward services, promoter services, luxury car rental with or without driver in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bari, Cagliari and in other Italian and international locations.

EuroSolutions is registered at the White List of the Italian government, the record of suppliers, service providers, and trade persons not subjected to risk of Mafia infiltration.


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Giacomo Brambilla di Civesio
Cert. N° PRS143
Security Expert - I livello
UNI 10459:2017 - D.M. 269/2010