Evidence collection, investigative and legal consultancy, cybercrimes.

EuroSolutions investigative consultancy


EuroSolutions, through specialized Departments within the Group, provides investigative consulting services to corporate clients and individuals, in Civil and Criminal matters, as well as in the Labor and Legal fields.

The investigations are assigned to highly skilled private investigators who, since the very first meeting, are able to present to you the most effective approach for each case, always in compliance with the Law and in the strictest confidence.


 Reputational Due Diligence on Corporations and Individuals

 Asset Investigation in relation to Debt Collection

 Family Matters


 Investigations on absenteeism and infringement of Law 104

 Fake injuries and/or illnesses

 Unfair competition and violation of non-compete clauses

 Investigations on disloyal business partners, managers and employees

 Theft and shortage

 Theft of intellectual property

 Patent infringement and counterfeiting

EuroSolutions digital forensics


Digital forensics is the science encompassing the recovery, the analysis, and the technical report (for example, through IT assessment) of evidence found in digital devices, to be used in civil or criminal trials.

We provide recovery and analysis of evidence from all types of digital devices (tablets, cellphones, laptops, removable media) using technological services. Digital forensics is not only useful to detect cybercrime, but it also provides legally valid evidence that is admissible in a court of law.

Professional Environmental and Telephone reclamation operations, available on vehicles too, in order to prevent illegal wiretapping of private conversations, technological analysis of digital data, and data retrieval are some of the “Digital” services provided by EuroSolutions:

 Detection of Cyber Intrusions

 Digital & Mobile Forensics

 Environmental and Telephone Reclamations

 Vulnerability Assessment

EuroSolutions is synonymous with Milan-based security, combined with confidentiality, friendliness, and professionalism. The main services include: security services for individuals and companies, security services for events, exhibitions, conferences, demonstrations, concerts, sporting events, corporate meetings, private parties, concierge services, armed and non-armed surveillance with Partners, access control, bodyguarding, VIP protection, hostess and steward services, promoter services, luxury car rental with or without driver in Milan, Turin, Bologna, Rome, Genoa, Florence, Naples, Palermo, Bari, Cagliari and in other Italian and international locations.

EuroSolutions is registered at the White List of the Italian government, the record of suppliers, service providers, and trade persons not subjected to risk of Mafia infiltration.


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Giacomo Brambilla di Civesio
Cert. N° PRS143
Security Expert - I livello
UNI 10459:2017 - D.M. 269/2010